The first Airbus A330neo takes shape in Toulouse

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First Airbus A330neo (A330-900) began to take shape on the assembly line in Toulouse. The newest member of the Airbus family, is based on a development based on versatility and reliability.

The A330neo will be equipped with the latest generation engines Rolls-Royce Trent 7000, which will help reduce fuel consumption by up to 14% / seat. The interior of the cabin will be AirSpace by Airbus. And last but not least, the 2 models in the A330neo family (A330-800 and A330-900) will benefit from Airbus A350-inspired Sharklet devices.

The first Airbus A330neo

The new A330neo, through the qualities mentioned above, will be able to offer increased flight autonomy. A330-800 will be able to fly up to 12 000 kilometers, and A330-900 will have a range of 10500 kilometers. This gives airlines the opportunity to open new routes.

10 airlines have expressed their wish to purchase aircraft from the new generation A330, with orders being registered for 186 units. TAP Portugal will be the launch customer for A330neo with the new cabin brand Airspace by Airbus

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