The first COMAC C919 operated the first flight in its history (VIDEO)

Today, 5 May 2017, we live the excitement of the first flight operated by COMAC C919, a "made in China" aircraft.

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At 14: 00, Shanghai local time, aircraft COMAC C919 rose from the ground on his first flight. It lasted about 1.5 hours and fluctuated in elevation to 10000ft (about 3000 meters). The landing gear will not be retracted. The propulsion of the COMAC C919 aircraft is provided by 2 CFM International Leap-1C engines.

COMAC C919 operated the first flight

At the time of publication of this article, COMAC C919 completed the B-001A debut flight. On board are a crew of 5 members: Captain Cai Jun, Wuxi co-pilot, Qian Jun flight observer, test engineers Zhang Da Wei and Ma Fei.

The first flight operated by COMAC C919 was greeted by approximately 2000 from international guests, journalists and politicians from China. The event was broadcast on major Chinese television stations.


COMAC plans to operate 4200 flights, which are part of the C919 aircraft testing program. The entry into the commercial service would be made in about 3 years. As we have mentioned on other occasions, China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai will be the launch customer of the new COMAC C919.

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