The Green Pass law in Italy affects passengers on flights to Romania

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As of 6 August, the Green Pass (also recognized as the EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate) is mandatory in a variety of enclosed and crowded public spaces in Italy. From 1 September, the Green Pass is also required on trains, ferries and planes. The Green Pass is also required for Italians who want to fly between EU countries, as part of the UEDCC. It is not yet clear whether or not to pass the Green Pass on flights to Romania, but today several passengers, who flew to Romania, were affected by the new Green Pass rule.

For most Italians vaccinated against COVID-19, obtaining the EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate was a simple formality. However, there were many people who had difficulty issuing the Green Pass because they were not found in the system. Obtaining the certificate gave them a lot of trouble, in the context in which it was necessary for access to various enclosed spaces, including shops.

With the expansion of the use of the Green Pass, more and more Italians are complaining about problems with the system and in the process of issuing the certificate.

The Italian authorities have decided to impose the Green Pass in the hope that more and more people will be vaccinated and make things simple for everyone. The only ones exempt from vaccination would be young people under 12 years old.

The EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate can be obtained:

  • based on complete vaccination with an EMA authorized vaccine. Full vaccination means the administration of vaccine doses according to the manufacturer and 15 days after inoculation.
  • those who have not been vaccinated can obtain the digital certificate based on a negative result of a PCR or anti-COVID-19 antigen test, not older than 48 hours.
  • those who have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus can obtain the digital certificate based on proof of cure in the last six months.

Refusal to comply, both by customers and business owners, can lead to a fine of up to EUR 1.000.

The problem is that thousands of Italians still cannot obtain the digital certificate and, as a result, their activities are limited due to an imperfect system.

The Italian authorities announced that the Green Pass scheme was a success, noting that 20 million certificates had been downloaded in three days. However, many others have failed to do so, although they are entitled to it.

The frustration of the Italians is high, fueled by the new rules imposed or the inability to comply with them.

  1. Pop says

    Good evening
    In Italy, the green certificate is not required to enter stores.
    I don't understand why Romanians flying from Italy to Romania have problems if they don't have a green certificate. According to, Italy is the green country for Romania and that is why only the plane ticket and the identity card are required to enter Romania coming from Italy. If other documents are required, it is abuse.
    Are you well informed?

    1. Sorin says

      Since August 6, Italy has adopted a Green Pass law to facilitate access for those immunized or tested in enclosed spaces, public areas, crowded areas and even through malls and shops. Yes, it is not required in small shops, in grocery stores or it was not required until today, but it is good to have the certificate. Regarding the problems, you may not have found out that today Italy has extended the application of the Green Pass to trains, planes and ferries. It applies on domestic flights, of course. But the authorities also talked about international flights, and today Wizz Air requested the Green Pass from those who left Italy for Romania based on Italian law.

      We researched, we informed ourselves 😀

  2. Pop says

    In Italy, green certificates are not required in stores. Google will clarify.
    I have now found out that in Italy a green certificate is required for boarding any flight (national or international). Although they said they would only ask for domestic flights (or so I understood). So you are well informed.

    1. Sorin says

      We were in Italy and in the bigger stores the Green Pass was checked :).

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