The implementation stage of the TAROM management plan

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For several days, several members of the TAROM Board of Directors poisoned the media with malicious statements against Christian Heinzmann, the private CEO of the airline. The reality is a little different and not in the CA's favor at all.

According to a press release, at the end of the first semester of the 2013 year, TAROM company provides details on the important projects in progress and their implementation stages.

The TAROM Management Plan, approved by the Board of Directors, lasting four years, contains 28 action points from which 7 should start in 2014. The remaining 22 points are in different stages of implementation, which means that TAROM is on the right track in executing the plan despite complicated bureaucratic administrative procedures.

"The financial and commercial data as a whole are improved, the cash flow situation being better because we managed to restore the cash reserves at the beginning of the year 2012, which allows us another year of reserves. We must not forget that at the beginning of the year we were only given 12 months of survival. Due to the measures implemented, we are now in a position to continue the activity, which shows that the implementation of the management plan is yielding results.

TAROM has begun the implementation of a program that will allow the reduction of fuel costs, this being for the airline the highest cost category.

A set of additional measures to reduce costs and increase revenues, other than those included in the management plan, are also under consideration. After completing this analysis we will come back with detailed information.

We operated fewer flights, but with better incomes. In this regard, we have entered the final phase of implementing an advanced revenue management system that will help us to sell the remaining unoccupied places on the plane.
Although the number of passengers is constantly increasing, which encourages us to continue, the full impact of the actions will be seen only after the full implementation of the management plan and in the medium term. "

says Christian Heinzmann, TAROM Executive Director and Accountable Manager.

Let's not forget that TAROM unions request the resignation of the Board of Directors.

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