Live Blackjack variations with the best odds

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There is no doubt that the game of blackjack is one of the most popular table games. It is most clearly highlighted by the simplistic style of the game, the 3 types of bets that can be placed, but also the speed with which a betting session takes place.

In the game of blackjack, you do not wait for minutes until the cards are shown, as in poker. Everything is moving forward quickly. But if you play the classic blackjack game online, you will notice that the game seems to lack something, that it shows the coldness of a "computer".

It lacks the unique human interaction that a real dealer brings to this game, an extremely important factor in popularizing this game. Fortunately, the live blackjack section is available to you as a player. So you can have that real casino experience if you access one of the game variants presented in the following lines.

Infinite blackjack

Take one Casa Pariurilor no deposit bonus it means that you are a loyal customer of the platform and you are rewarded with a lot of bonuses. And it's not bad at all to be like that, because you also dedicate your time and substantial financial resources to enjoy the games that the platform offers.

And surely in your journey on the platform's offer you also entered the table games section, where the game of blackjack is available in a lot of variants. And it is also clear that if you want human interaction the live blackjack section is not unknown to you.

There is a variant of blackjack called infinity and you wonder what this feature present in the title of the game could represent. Well, the manufacturer Evolution Gaming who launched the game online offers the opportunity for an infinite number of players to join this blackjack table.

In addition to this non-negligible facility, the manufacturer has also introduced other betting methods such as Bust It or Hot 3 that you will not find in other blackjack variants. And you also have at your disposal the betting system known as the Six Card Charlie Rule which brings an odds of 2:1.

What does this accepted betting rule say in Infinite blackjack? That you can win with this betting rule on every hand played if you manage to have 6 blackjack cards in your hand that always total under 21 points.

Cashback Blackjack

Cashback Blackjack

If you have been an active player for some time on your favorite platform then it is impossible for the term cashback to be unfamiliar to you. And if you bet at least once on the sports section, you had at least one cashback bonus at hand.

What this notion means is simple to explain, within the limit imposed by the platform you place a bet and in case of failure you get your bet money back. It is the way in which the platform encourages you to stay on that betting section and accumulate gaming experience that does not affect you financially.

But encountering this option at a table game and especially at blackjack is a pleasant surprise for any player. The producer Playtech has thought of this facility for you and you will see that you will like to use it so don't be afraid to access this blackjack variant.

As you surely know, in the game of blackjack the dealer must "stand" if he has 17 points in his hand, without having the right to draw any other cards. It is good news for you because only in this case the cashback option is activated and you can safely benefit from it.

How to activate it is as simple as playing blackjack as a whole. If the dealer has remained at 17 points, you must check the cards you have in your hand and, following the check, make a betting decision.

It is clear that if you have a score higher than 17, you are a winner from the start and all you have to do is collect your rightful winnings. But if you have a lower score in your hand than the one owned by the dealer, you will have to make a decision that does not put your budget in any way at risk.

If you are inspired and feel that the god of luck is around you, then you will definitely ask for an additional card. And at this stage it is equally clear that if you get a high value card you will go over 21 points, the dealer will win and therefore you will lose.

But if you are an experienced player and don't trust your luck too much, then the cashback option may be the ideal solution for you. You signal it DEALER, you place the playing cards on the table and recover your bet, using the money for the next betting session.

Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack

And this time the manufacturer Evolution Gaming comes with innovations in the field of table games and especially for the game of blackjack. If you have this game at your disposal, you will quickly notice the 3 betting options, 21+3, Bust It and Any Pair.

Just as quickly, you will also determine the stakes that the game accepts, which fall between 1 and 1000 dollars. So you can say that you have a game in front of you Blackjack for all pockets. It's worth trying it, if only out of curiosity.

And if you've made this decision, you don't have to wait to get free bets in the game, because this will only happen in the demo version of the game. Free Bet Blackjack does not mean this at all, although the name of the game would lead you to believe this.

In this variant of blackjack, besides the fact that the dealer is obliged to stay at 17 points, for you there are 2 major options that you can use for free. So if you call for split or double it won't cost you anything extra. Hence the term free present in the title of the game that you can take advantage of every time.


Any table game has a different impact for the player if it is played in the live section. The game of blackjack perfectly adapts to this desire, bringing that unique feeling of a real casino. Play Infinite Blackjack, Cashback Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack, always beat the dealer and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of this game!

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