The new TAROM uniforms by Cătălin Botezatu have been officially presented

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On April 21, 2016, the new TAROM uniforms were presented during an event that took place in the "Departures" terminal at Otopeni Airport.

The project to change TAROM uniforms came naturally from the need to represent the company image correctly and was built around the company's values: tradition, elegance, safety. The new design has the signature of Cătălin Botezatu.

The new TAROM uniform

uniform TAROM

According to the statement issued by TAROM, the new uniforms are intended to keep the traditional chromaticity of the TAROM brand, in an updated and more elegant note.

To this end, the new uniforms bring to the fore the dress and the cape, two pieces of clothing that define the elegance of women. The summer uniforms have, as a novelty element, the three-quarter sleeve jacket for girls.

If we are going to do a brief analysis of the ones stated in the press release, we are trying to understand where the yellow is in the TAROM brand colors. At the same time, the cape could have benefited from a more elegant tailor. The uniforms are cute, but the expectations were much higher.

uniformele TAROM

Made mostly of natural materials and in accordance with safety and quality standards, the uniforms were created both to ensure optimum comfort for those who wear them, but also to represent with distinction and elegance the image of TAROM.

We are pleased to see that TAROM is trying to refresh the brand on board its aircraft and we sincerely wish those who proudly wear these uniforms.

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