The British government's recommendations for all those who intend to work in the UK. See who is NOT quarantined upon entering the UK!

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The British government has announced that from June 8, all people arriving in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will have to go into self-isolation quarantine at home for 14 days. The general rules can be found on the government page at

All people who cannot go to work due to self-isolation at home and who cannot work from home should discuss with the employer how to legally be absent from work, but also the financial resources during the period. in which I cannot work.

Exceptions for persons who should NOT be quarantined

There are a number of exceptions for persons who should NOT be quarantined, including, under specified conditions: drivers of goods and passenger vehicles; cross-border workers; seasonal horticultural workers (food only) and who have a job offer on a particular farm; certain workers in strategic areas.

Details of the requirements for the exempted categories can be found at government page.

The British Government has published detailed Instructions for seasonal agricultural workers coming to England to work on farms from 8 June 2020.

The main requirementțe are:

       Seasonal workers

  • have documents obtained before traveling, confirming the movement to a particular farm for the purpose of seasonal agricultural work;
  • must present at the border a letter or e-mail from the employer confirming that he is a worker from the European Union and that he will be employed as a seasonal worker in agriculture and should include the following information: name of worker, date of birth, details of the UK employer, date of commencement of work, address of the farm where he will live, contact details of the farm / employer;
  • must complete, before traveling, for an electronic form with travel details, contact details and the address of the farm where they will work and live. The form must be completed no later than 48 hours before the visit to the British government website;
  • will be able to work on the farm within 14 days of arrival in the UK, but must: avoid contact with others on the farm; to respect the rules of social distance; do not leave the farm unless there is an emergency or they need urgent / doctor-recommended medical care, essential items such as food and medicines (which cannot be delivered), to access critical public services, such as social services and support the victims, to go to the funeral of an appropriate relative, to fulfill a legal obligation.

Seasonal workers who do not live on the farm where the activity takes place will have to self-isolate 14 days after arrival și will not be able to work during this time!

  1.        Employers, suppliers forțtheir work șand agentțrecruitment processes, which must ensure that:
  • workers have the documentary evidence requested by the British government at the border (according to point 1);
  • workers receive, within a maximum of two hours of arrival, clear instructions on their way of working and living and guidance on social distancing for the field of activity, and confirm receipt and acknowledgment of their content in writing.
  • workers will live and work in designated groups (cohorts), contact with other people outside these groups being strictly limited in the first 14 days; the group should consist of workers who arrive at the farm within 24 hours of each other.

More information for WORKERS AND SEASONAL WORKERS, who will travel to the UK after JUNE 8, can be found on the page of the Romanian Embassy in the UK.

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