The schedule of Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport will be extended to 16 hours, from January 15, 2024!

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This decision was agreed upon by mutual consent, during a meeting that took place on Monday, October 30, at the headquarters of the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA RA, in the presence of Brasov officials and the heads of the authorities that regulate the aeronautical field in our country.

The discussions were held by Şerban Todorică-Constantin - the president of the Braşov County Council, Marius Adrian Cojoc - the general director of ROMATSA RA, Nicolae Stoica - the general director of the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (AACR), Florin Virgil Manta - the director of the Flight Control Center DSNAR Arad , Alexandru Anghel - the general director of the Autonomous Authority "AIBG", together with Daniel Ivan - head of the Aerodromes service within the AACR, and other specialists, by virtue of the tripartite collaboration protocol CJ Braşov - ROMATSA - AACR which made it possible to operationalize the Braşov International Airport at June 15, 2023.  

The discussions were also attended by Adrian-Ioan Veștea, the Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, who during the period in which he was in charge of the CJ Braşov coordinated the entire course of the implementation of the AIBG project, up to the inaugural moment.

Extending the operating hours of Braşov Airport is an objective necessity, resulting both from the consultation of the companies that currently provide flights to and from Braşov (respectively DAN AIR and WIZZ AIR), as well as the operators who expressed firm intentions to initiate flights in the following period (as is the case with FLY LILI).    

The operating schedule extended to 16 hours will be able to ensure a significantly larger number of flights and destinations, a fact that meets the explicit grievances formulated by the air operators.

"The decision we agreed upon today represents a first step towards the desired goal we proposed from the very beginning, which is to have a functional airport 24 hours a day. We will continue working meetings with our partners from to ROMATSA and AACR, without whose support and support we would not have been able to open Braşov Airport on June 24. We also thank them in this way both for the fact that they understood the necessity and the opportunity to extend the schedule according to which our Airport operates, from 15 to 12 hours, and above all because they were able to identify the human and material resources to achieve this”, said the president of the CJ Brașov, Şerban Todorică-Constantin.

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