The schedule of the Braşov-Ghimbav International Airport will be extended to 16 hours, starting from January 15, 2024.

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The management of the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA RA sent on Wednesday, November 29, to the management of the Braşov-Ghimbav International Airport and the Braşov County Council an address reconfirming the extension of the operating schedule, in accordance with the decision mutually agreed by the ROMATSA officials , those of the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (AACR), of the Braşov County Council and AIBG during the meeting on October 30.

"We also reconfirm with this address that ROMATSA will undertake all the necessary steps under its responsibility for the implementation of the new program starting from this date", the document states.

The management of ROMATSA specifies that "Regarding the operation of CAT Il at AIBG, we inform you that ROMATSA has already submitted to AACR the documentation related to the approval of the LVP procedure. After the approval of this procedure by AACR and the publication of the necessary information in AIP Romania, it will be possible to operate CAT Il at AIBG".

In the document signed by the general director Adrian Cojoc, it is also stated that "ROMATSA has made and continues to make all efforts for the success of Braşov Airport and supporting the activity of airlines, in complete safety conditions".

Şerban Todorică-Constantin, president of the Braşov County Council, welcomed the official confirmation of the extension of the schedule after which the Airport will operate starting from January 15, 2024.

"ROMATSA kept its word, reconfirming a certainty we had since October 30. ROMATSA proves once again that it was and remains the partner of the County Council and Braşov International Airport.

Just as we were fully involved as a county public authority in the construction and operationalization of this essential objective for our county and the entire area, we will also be involved from now on and take all the necessary steps, so that the Airport functions efficiently and provide companies interested in operating flights to and from Braşov, as well as our passengers, with all the necessary services.

We will ensure that regardless of the person in charge of AIBG, he will do everything in his power to optimize and make the airport activity profitable by attracting new airlines and opening new destinations”, declares the president of Braşov Central Court, Şerban Todorică-Constantin.

The head of the county administration says that in the next period it is a priority to maximize the fruition of the 16-hour program, the operating schedule valid from January 15, 2024 will cover the needs of the airlines.

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