Snowstorm and temperatures felt like -50° in the US: thousands of flights canceled and tens of thousands of flights delayed from / to US airports!

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the storm Heavy snowfall across the eastern half of the United States has wreaked havoc on air traffic. Almost 2.500 flights were canceled on December 22, on American airports. Another 2500 flights are canceled today, December 23.

According to flight-tracking website FlightAware, thousands of flights were affected in the United States due to the northern storm that caused temperatures to drop from temperatures of up to -50 ° on the Canadian border. Activities at airports Denver and Chicago-O'Hare were reduced by almost a third, Southwest Airlines being the most affected airline, followed by SkywestAmerican AirlinesUnited and Delta Airlines.

And record sub-zero temperatures are forecast for Christmas Eve, which will result in the cancellation or delay of thousands of flights from/to US airports. Airports in New York and Detroit will also be affected.

Tens of thousands of passengers are affected and risk spending Christmas through airports. The storm is expected to last until at least the end of the Christmas weekend. As usual, all airlines in the country have implemented commercial measures such as free rebooking or refunds on canceled flights.

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