America Express 2022-2023 winners: Bordea Cătălin and Nelu Cortea!

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Update March 26, 2023 – Official: America Express 2022-2023 winners: Bordea Cătălin and Nelu Cortea!

On March 26, 2023, Antena 1 broadcasts the final of the race from America express, season filmed in the summer of 2022 and broadcast in early 2023. At the start, nine teams lined up, which one by one were eliminated from the competition. The couples Bordea Cătălin – Nelu Cortea and Andreea Bălan – Andreea Antonescu reach the finals.

The church made by Andreea Bălan worked and both teams that formed an alliance during America Express faced each other in the final. "America Express" finale. Andreele, Bordea and Cortea fight in the air, on the water and on the ground: "It will not be a battle of gloves"

According the press from Romania, America Express 2022-2023 winners: Bordea Cătălin and Nelu Cortea!

Who are Bordea and Cortea?

Cătălin Bordea, America Express winner, is an actor and comedian. The young man originally from Botoșani has been, for many years, Dan Capatos' broadcast colleague, but also founder (and owner - partner) together with Micutzu (Cosmin Nedelcu) of The Fool comedy club, from the Capital. He is married to Livia Bordea.

Nelu Cortea (born and raised in Morlaca, Cluj county) also finished acting. He is good friends with Micutzu and Cătălin Bordea, makes TurVlog on Youtube and stand-up at The Fool. He is married to Elena and has two children: Luna and Amun.

After almost two months away from Romania, from families and friends, Bordea and Cortea have something to brag about. They won the grand prize at America Express, managing to complete the great challenges set up by the Antena 1 production team. They beat Cătălin Scarlătescu and actress Doina Teodoru, but also the two members of the band Andre, Andreea Bălan and Andreea Antonescu, and awarded their supreme amulet, worth 30 thousand euros.

"I left 8 kilograms in Latin America, but I returned with a backpack full of memories and a brother for life," Bordea announced on Instagram as soon as he returned to Romania.

"I'm glad that after this unique and extraordinary experience, America Express, my brother Bordea and I remained unchanged. Please, maybe just change a little," joked Cortea, a comedian and vlogger.

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