Third death was registered in case of Asiana Airlines accident from 6 July 2013 (video)

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It's been a week since the plane crash 214 flight, where a Boeing 777-200ER Asiana Airlines was involved and we come with good and less good news.

We start with the bad news and announce that the third death has been recorded. A Chinese teenager died on the hospital bed due to serious injuries. She was admitted to the Bay Area Hospital in San Francisco. The young woman was part of the group that went to a summer school in the United States, a colleague with the other two students who died immediately after the accident.

Recall that the aircraft Boeing 777-200ER Asiana Airlines struck the dam at the end of runway 28L at San Francisco Airport with the landing gear. Following the impact, the tail of the plane detached and fired several passengers and accompanying passengers outside the aircraft. Authorities confirmed the fact that one of the victims was trampled by an intervention machine. It is not yet clear whether the young woman died from a plane crash or was trampled by a car. The first results of the autopsy are expected next week.

And now let's move on to the good news. 31 of Chinese students, who were aboard the 214 flight of Asiana Airlines, arrived in their home country. So does a part of the group of on-board companions.

An exciting time!

Other victims are still in serious condition and remain hospitalized, including five Asia Airlines stewards who were injured in the crash. Below you have a detailed account provided by CBS News.

Below is the latest statement by Deborah AP Hersman, President of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)!

According to information provided by KTVU, on Friday, around 17: 00, the 28L runway at San Francisco Airport has been reopened to air traffic. A Southwest Airlines aircraft was the first to land safely on this runway, but not before the FAA final check.


Asiana Airlines 777-200ER aircraft was cut and transported to a hangar.

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