The schedule of Bucharest - Sibiu flights with TAROM, valid from February 24

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Starting with February 24, TAROM changes the flight schedule on the route Bucharest - Sibiu. This is because since February 22, TAROM gives up the flights Sibiu - Stuttgart and Timisoara - Stuttgart.

According to the TAROM website, the flights Bucharest - Sibiu will be operated according to the schedule:

Bucharest - Sibiu flight schedule with TAROM

RO723 Bucharest 14:10 - 15:05 Sibiu on Thursday, Sunday, February 24
RO724 Sibiu 15:30 - 16:20 Bucharest on Thursday, Sunday, February 24

RO723 Bucharest 07:55 - 08:50 Sibiu on Monday, March 11th
RO724 Sibiu 09:15 - 10:05 Bucharest on Monday, March 11th

The flights will be operated with ATR 42 / 72 TAROM aircraft. Rates start from 61.5 euros for round trip flights.

We are waiting to see the official decision on the route Sibiu - Munich. From our checks, the direct flights on this route have disappeared from the system starting with the summer time 2019. The last direct flight on the route Sibiu - Munich, will be operated on March 29, 2019.

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