Constanța - Timișoara with Blue Air, from the summer season 2017

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The beginning of the week comes with very good news for the Romanian aviation. And many of us think that we can't wait for the summer of 2017. For the people of Banat, the news is even better. In the summer of 2017, Blue Air will operate flights on the route Constanța - Timișoara.

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Constanța - Timișoara with Blue Air

Thus, the Timisoara will no longer have to spend tens of hours by train or car to Constanța. Time will be significantly reduced if we take into account that an airplane flight will be operated in 75 minutes.

The route will be operated seasonally from June 15 to September 15. There will be two weekly flights, on Fridays and Sundays, according to the following schedule:

0B473 Constanta 15: 00-16: 15 Timisoara - Friday
0B474 Timisoara 16: 45-18: 00 Constanța - friday

0B473 Constanta 13: 30-14: 15 Timisoara - Sunday
0B474 Timisoara 15: 15-16: 30 Constanța - Sunday

Returning, air tickets to and from Constanța are available at fares starting from 89,90 lei (for domestic routes) - fare per flight segment, VAT and taxes included, limited places. Rates include free 1 hand luggage up to 10 kg, and on domestic routes we offer a free in-flight snack and 1 hold luggage up to 32 kg.

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