TOP 5 safety funny and unconventional video

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If you have flown by plane, you are certainly familiar with the on-board training. Before taking off, the cabin crew is strategically positioned and each flight attendant begins to present different instructions, which should be followed in the unlikely event of a plane crash / accident.

TOP 5 safety funny video


A sober voice presents the life jacket, the oxygen mask, the positioning of the escape doors, how to attach / disengage a seat belt, etc. All this takes about 5 minutes, during which time we have to be careful because our lives are at stake, but also those of others around us. The problem is that most of these presentations are unattractive, and most of the passengers on board are not paying attention. Some of the more bored people put their headsets on their ears and become isolated in their world.

CAREFUL! A statistic presented by aviation-enabled bodies shows that many passengers are injured at take-off / landing because they do not comply with the usual safety instructions on board the aircraft. In the case of accidents, there were people who died because they did not know when and how to use the oxygen mask or life jacket.

To prevent boredom, some airlines have managed to capture the attention with safety video unique, many of them being highly appreciated for their creativity.

But there were also more isolated cases, with on-board companions coming out of the sober training patterns. They managed to capture the attention of the passengers through another way of presenting the safety measures on board the airplanes. Below you have the funny 5 safety video.

I hope you liked the 5 videos with the safety measures on board the planes presented otherwise. If you have witnessed such presentations or you know of other equally funny videos, leave a comment with their links.

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