Top Gun: Maverick, in theaters from May 27, 2022

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After 34 years, Tom Cruise returns as Maverick, a pilot and instructor on US Air Force fighter jets. After a two-year postponement, Top Gun fans can go to the movies to see the new Top Gun: Maverick.

It is said that Tom Cruise chose to do all the stunts on the plane of the fighter jet. For those who don't know, Tom Cruise (From the spotlight, to the aircraft sleeve!) is also a real-life pilot with a 1994 license.

On the evening of May 24, at the invitation of RO IMAGE 2000, my colleague Teodor Coman was present at the press viewing. The first remark after the film was related to the fact that he complained in the hall, which reinforces the statements made by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer who said that it is a competition film about family, friendship and sacrifice. Top Gun: Maverick is a love letter for aviation and shows you what it means to be a top pilot.

Jerry Bruckheimer also stated: “An aviation film like this has never been made before. And chances are, there won't be another one. "

In conclusion, from May 27, 2022, you can see Top Gun: Maverick in Romanian cinemas.

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