Frecce Tricolori and Turkish Stars at the official BIAS 2012 training (photo)

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After Bucharest International Air Show 2012 (BIAS 2012) Press Conference, I also attended the official trainings of special guests Frecce Tricolori and Turkish Stars. I can say that a very impressive aviation show is announced, a real show on the sky of Bucharest. Below are some pictures with the two bands.

Turkish Stars is the national aerial acrobatics team of Turkey. A division of the Turkish Air Force, the formation is the only one in the world to evolve, starting with 2004, with eight supersonic fighter jets. Demonstrations in this category are usually made of six aircraft. I was impressed by the speed they were flying and doing the stunts. But I better let you watch some pictures from the training.

Frecce Tricolori is the National Acrobatics team of Italy. Known as the largest aerobatics team in the world, the team uses thirteen Aermacchi MB-339-A / PAN two-seater aircraft. The acrobatics are performed in a formation of ten planes, with a speed of over 890 km / h. Compared to Turkish Stars, Frecce Tricolori are more "talented" in smoke paintings. See some teaser images below.

Tomorrow you have the opportunity to see, during the Bucharest International Air Show 2012 (BIAS 2012), a spectacular aviation show, with many acrobatics and aerial pirouettes, with many planes on the ground, but also in the air.

  1. Cris-Mary says

    Super..that explains the plane noise I was hearing today 😀

  2. Sorin says

    Yes, very loud and it was just the workouts. Tomorrow is announcing a super show!

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