Trolley 55x40x23 / 55x40x20 (cm) for airplane hand luggage: tips and recommendations for choosing the best hand luggage troller!

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We travel frequently by plane and, in most cases, we choose to take only hand luggage with us. If we fly with low-cost operators such as Wizz Air, Blue Air or RYANAIR, we pay the Priority package to be able to board the aircraft with troller 40x30x20 (it can be a backpack or laptop / photo bag, etc.), but also with a 55x40x23 trolley in which we have what is strictly necessary.

We currently use 2 types of trolleys: cabin trolley Traveling Lite (made of polyester) and a cabin trolley Lamonza (made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene iron)). Both are durable, roomy and elegant.

Troller 55x40x23 (cm) for hand luggage

There are many manufacturers of trolleys and backpacks of different sizes on the market. Apparently, they all have the same dimensions and seem to be made the same, but in reality there are many differences. Before you buy a trolley to be used as hand luggage when traveling, you need to consider several criteria.

Suitcase with two or four wheels?

We have a two-wheeled suitcase and a four-wheeled suitcase. From my experience, I can tell you the pros and cons in both cases. Four-wheeled trolleys are called spinner suitcases and usually have small wheels. Two-wheeled trolleys and support legs have larger wheels.

The advantage of the 55x40x23 two-wheeled trolley is that you can pull it easier on rough terrain, with the two larger wheels. Do not risk the trolley going downhill when you stop shooting. It rests on the two legs and the two wheels. The disadvantage of this type of trolley is that it is more difficult to handle. The wheels are made of hard plastic, rubber or harder material, resistant to wear on rough terrain.

Troller 55x40x20 with four wheels and two wheels

The advantages of the 55x40x23 four-wheeled trolley are maneuverability. It is an easy-to-handle troller on smooth floors, such as those in airports. But be very careful when you are on a slope not to lose his hand. He can take it very easily downhill. The disadvantage of this type of trolley is that it is harder to pull on rough terrain. The wheels can be made of soft material such as silicone or rubber.

Polyester, ABS, Plastic, Textile?

We have a trolley made of polyester and one made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene iron). Polyester is a synthetic textile material. Even if this synthetic material is made of petroleum products, its characteristics and properties are competitive. It offers excellent value for money and is resistant to wear. It is slightly flexible, which is important when it comes to hand luggage.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene iron) is very robust from a structural point of view, which is why it is used in the manufacture of enclosures for cameras, protective enclosures and packaging. If you need a cheap, strong and rigid, impact-resistant plastic, ABS is a good choice.

You decide what you want! Here, too, the price makes the difference. Pay attention to the kilograms imposed by the airlines. Some trolleys are heavier, others are lighter in terms of the materials from which they are made.

Does the size of the trolley matter?

If you want to travel by plane, your hand luggage must be the size required by the airlines. Wizz Air allows cabin trolley dimensions of 55x40x23 cm, while Blue Air, RYANAIR, but also other airlines specify the dimensions of 55x40x20. CAREFUL! In the case of many low-cost airlines, this type of trolley is additionally paid directly or indirectly through other reserved services. It is very important that you follow these measures so that you do not have to pay extra fees.

One more thing to mention: some airlines mention that the dimensions must be respected with wheels; others do not specify.

Is the handle important?

From experience I can tell you that the handle of the trolley is very important and plays an essential role in the handling of luggage. I prefer the adjustable handle, to the detriment of the fixed one. This way I can set it as needed. If I have to pull it after me, I set the handle to maximum. If I have to handle it next to me, then I lower the handle to the optimum level. It also matters a lot how it slides and how it is hidden in the suitcase.

When buying a trolley, open the suitcase to see how much interior space the handle takes up and if this affects the usable space. It is important that the handle of the trolley is strong and robust to withstand the handling of luggage. Some handles are plastic, others textile.

Before buying a trolley, it is recommended that you can test a few to get an idea of ​​maneuverability, materials, handle. It is important to pay attention to the lock: cipher, key, padlock. Any other peculiarity is up to you. Some trolleys have secret compartments, the ability to expand as needed and many other features.

If you have decided what to buy, below you have some interesting models of 55x40x20 trolleys.

We also have a few tips, hints and recommendations on how to prepare your hand luggage!

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