Useful information BIAS 2017 - Aviation Rally Bucharest - July 22, 2017

The largest air show in Romania - Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition takes place on Saturday, 22 July 2017, on the Bucharest International Airport Baneasa-Aurel Vlaicu and is organized by the National Airports Company Bucharest, the Romanian Airfield Club, the Romanian Air Force, ROMATSA, ROMAERO and the AIBO Sports Club.

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There are a few more days until the big aviation rally in Bucharest. The ninth edition of the most impressive aviation show in Romania takes place under the patronage Ministry of Transport, Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Economy. BIAS 2017 gathers 100 of civilian and military aircraft, in air evolutions and exposed to the public, but also over 200 pilots and paratroopers.

Only Turk F-16
PHOTO: Laurențiu Căpăţînă

Useful information BIAS 2017

BIAS NOTHING will be a show of air force and mathematical precision, in which the civil and military aviation axes from Romania, but also from Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Greece, Austria and Lithuania will delight the spectators with amazing aerobatics and elite demonstrations, but also with aircraft exposed to the ground.

Special guests BIAS 2017

Turkish Air Force, who will participate with the acrobatics team "SOLOTURK". It will perform high performance demonstrations with the F 16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, fighter aircraft used for the entire spectrum of air operations.

The Polish Air Force, which will evolve, for the first time, with MiG 29 Fulcrum and F 16 Fighting Falcon, combat aircraft designed to impose air superiority in conflict zones.

The Hungarian Air Force, which evolves with Saab Jas 39 Gripen, modern multi-role fighter aircraft, used for all military air operations: ground attack, air battles, reconnaissance, etc.

US Air Force, which will evolve with F 15 "Eagle", which is equipped with the National Guard of the United States. These are tactical combat aircraft, designed to penetrate enemy airspace, to achieve air superiority. The F 15 will also be on display at the airport.

Greek Air Force, who will participate with Mirage 2000, a French fighter aircraft, intended for air combat missions, ground attack, reconnaissance, etc. The Mirage 2000 aircraft will be exposed to the ground on Saturday at BIAS 2017.

Air Force of Great Britain, which will take part with the famous Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft, designed to provide air supremacy. The aircraft will be exposed to the ground.

German Air Force, which will participate with Eurofighter Typhoon and Tornado, fighter jets used for all airstrikes, combat, reconnaissance, etc. The aircraft will be displayed at the airport, for the public.

Airborne Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), under NATO command. The Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS aircraft will be on display at Baneasa Airport and is part of the North Atlantic Alliance's early warning system. AWACS aircraft involve multinational personnel, including the Romanian military.

Turkish KC-135 Stratotanker
PHOTO: Laurentiu Capatina

Romanian Air Forces stands out at BIAS 2017 with an exceptional participation, which is distinguished by a series of developments for the first time for Romania. Marking the extraordinary presence of the Romanian military pilots, this year's edition a Bucharest International Air Show is dedicated to the entry into the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of the Romanian Air Force.

Thus, the spectators will have the chance to admire the spectacular evolutions of the professionals of the elite of the Romanian Air Forces, who will realize true artistic demonstrations of supersonic force at the aircraft sleeve. NO ONE Fighting Falcon.

Also, the ace of the sleeve of the Romanian Air Force will evolve with aircraft MY Lancer, YOUR NIGHT, NIGHT B, IAK-52, PUMA NIGHT, Hercules, and NEVER Spartan.

Viewers will also be able to watch the drills air police and support for air raid, executed by the Romanian Air Forces.

The Romanian Air Force will expose to the public, at Baneasa Airport, aircraft I DO NOT LanceR, YOUR NIGHT, C27J Spartan, for an low and medium altitude radar TPS-79R uni a HAWK ground-rocket launch system.

The air show is guaranteed by the presence of aces Airfield Club of Romania - Hawks of Romania, The Pelicans, White Wings, along with the Blue Wings paratroopers, who will carry the Tricolor flag in the air, by 400 sqm.

The artists of the acrobatic flight, the Austrians from Flying Bulls, will evolve with 5 unique aircraft: B-25 Mitchell, T-28 Trojan, Vought-F4U Corsair and two Dornier Alpha Jets.

The Lithuanian pilot is also participating in BIAS 2017 Jurgis Kairys, multiple world champion in aerobatics.

Also, the spectators will see the famous one Zoltan Veres, included from 1995 in the list of the best pilots in the world.

During the event, celebrities evolve Acrobatic chess, unique to their air shows that include pyrotechnic effects, music and lights.

Also, at BIAS 2017 the public will be able to admire the exercises performed with skill and safety of pilots of the national air transport company, TAROM.

The participants also include names consecrated from the Romanian aviation elite, from within Higher School of Civil Aviation.

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Program bias 2017

Starting with Friday morning, the fourth edition of the general aviation exhibition opens for the public at Băneasa Airport - General Aviation Exhibition, where aircraft manufacturers and owners, as well as general aviation service providers, expose dozens of civil aircraft, from light aircraft to business jets.

Useful information to the public desiring BIAS 2017

Audience entry to BIAS 2017 is FREE. Public access is through Romaero. Parking is not guaranteed!

We recommend using public transportation (RATB lines 112, 131, 148, 149, 205, 261, 301, 304, 335, 605, as well as the RATB express lines 780, 783).

Organizers, Media Partners and Sponsors BIAS 2017

Organizers: Ministry of Transport - Bucharest National Airports Company, Romanian Air Club, ROMATSA, AIBO Sports Club; Ministry of National Defense - Romanian Air Forces. Ministry of Economy - ROMAERO.

Partners: Airport News, Aeronews, Airlines Travel, Air24, Aviation Headlines, Aviatia Magazin, Aviaț, Aviation News Agency, Newsair, Boardingpass, Cer Senin, Romprest, Bucharest City Hall, Otopeni City Hall.

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