Flashback: Cluj - Bucharest with SAAB 2000 Blue Air

(Video) Flashback: Cluj - Bucharest with SAAB 2000 Blue Air

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Cristian Dumitru provided us with a video of the take-off of the aircraft SAAB NEVER Blue Air pe the Cluj - Băneasa route, Bucharest, from 8 September to 2009. The flight duration was approximately 45 minutes, within the 20: 00 - 20: 45 time interval.

It is true that I was slightly surprised that Blue Air also had SAAB 2000 in the fleet. During the period 15 July - 15 September 2009, Blue Air leased the aircraft SAAB 2000 (YR-SBM) from Carpatair.

YR-SBM-Blue-Air-Saab-2000 / PHOTO: planespotters.net
YR-SBM-Blue-Air-Saab-2000 / PHOTO: planespotters.net

Currently, the aircraft is 20.1 years old and is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE 2100 engines. After what Carpatair has given up the SAAB 2000 aircraft fleet, it arrived in the Swedish Aircraft Holdings fleet.

Carpatair exited the Romanian market, also gave up regular flights. From the vast fleet, Carpatair stopped 2 Fokker 100 (YR-FKA and YR-FKB) with an average age of 23 and began operating charter and leasing services & ACMI. This year, Carpatair introduced the new livery.

Blue Air gave up domestic routes and expanded further into Europe. It has opened a base in Italy and one in Cyprus and continues to expand its operational network in Romania. Blue Air currently operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft. In December 2014, Blue Air is 10 years old!

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