Wizz Air resumed flights from Timisoara to England, Spain and Belgium

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The wait is over. Updated list from INSP Romania it brought a lot of happiness tonight. Romanians in the diaspora, who wanted to return home from Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium or England, had real reasons for joy. Those who will travel from these countries to Romania will no longer be obliged to stay in isolation / quarantine.

Wizz Air has resumed flights from Timisoara

Starting today, July 7, Wizz Air resumed flights from Timisoara to England, Spain and Belgium. These flights complement the operational program for the 2020 summer season.

The lifting of some restrictions starting with June made it possible to resume the operation of regular flights from Timisoara airport to and from destinations in Germany (Dortmund, Frankfurt-Hahn, Memmingen and Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden), Italy (Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Rome, Venice), Franta (Paris-Beauvais).

Following the updating of the list of countries, which are considered safe and from which passengers can return to the country without further isolation or quarantine, in addition to destinations in Germany, Italy and Franta, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain are added. Timisoara Airport has a direct air connection with destinations in those countries: England (London-Luton), Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia), Belgium (Brussels Charleroi).

We remind passengers that the plan of protection measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, in terms of boarding and disembarking passengers at Timisoara airport is published on the airport website: www.aerotim.ro

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