Wizz Air cancels 5% of the total number of flights scheduled for this summer! Flights from / to Romania will also be affected!

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European low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced a reduction in the number of flights scheduled this summer to deal with disruptions in aviation and staff shortages. According to statements made by Andras Rado, Senior Cabin Crew Recruitment Manager at Wizz Air, approximately 5% of all flights already scheduled for July, August and September will be canceled.

The reductions in the low-cost carrier, announced on Monday in a press release, will add to travel disruptions across Europe, after companies such as British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa AG announced the cancellation of tens of thousands of flights. Globally, over 25 flights were canceled in August.

Wizz Air said following the update of the operational program it expects to record a "significant operational" profit in its second quarter as a result of rising commercial air ticket prices.

Flights and routes to / from Romania, from 11 am, will also be affected airports in Romania. Frequencies on several routes have been reduced and passengers will be re-routed on the remaining flights. There will also be suspended routes, such as Iasi - Prague with direct flights suspended from September 5. After this date, from the Iasi area it will be possible to travel to Prague on direct flights from Chisinau.

Any operational changes to flights will be communicated to passengers by Wizz Air. If you are notified at least 14 days before the scheduled flight, you will no longer be eligible for compensation, but you are entitled to a refund or appointment on another flight. see air passenger rights!

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