Wizz Air launches virtual assistant - Amelia chatbot

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Wizz Air announces the launch of virtual assistant Amelia. The new WIZZ virtual assistant will further improve the standards in the company's customer experience and allow them to easily obtain information about their flights, while providing useful general information to the traveling public.

Wizz Air's new support software was inspired by American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. She was the first female aviator to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. Calling its chatbot after a legendary woman, the airline wants to pay tribute to all women in the aviation sector and show its commitment to a more equitable industry in terms of equal opportunities for women and men.

The Wizz Air chatbot was named after Amelia Earhart

Amelia, the support software, is happy to answer general questions about Covid-19, special assistance, payment methods, check-in, voluntary cancellation, travel with small children, WIZZ services (eg WIZZ Discount Club, WIZZ Flex, WIZZ Priority, Seat Selection) and questions on a few other topics.

This new virtual assistant is free for everyone and allows customers to find out information quickly and easily without interacting with anyone, without communicating with agents via email or phone, and without navigating the company's website. The real-time conversation with the agents is also available and free of charge, if clients have questions that go beyond Amelia's knowledge.

The chatbot feature is currently available in English for a limited number of situations, however it is gradually being launched to cover an increasing number of topics for more and more customers visiting wizzair.com.

In addition to the newly launched chatbot, live chat agents will support customers with answers to all questions related to WIZZ flights and services, as long as no changes to reservations involving payments are required. For requests that require payment, Wizz Air already offers a number of self-management options directly from your WIZZ account as well as call center support.

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