Wizz Air recommends that Wizz airline tickets and services be booked directly from wizzair.com

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Wizz Air invites all passengers spurchase WIZZ tickets and services directly on wizzair.com or through mobile application of the airline.

Ensuring that passengers are well informed has always been a priority for Wizz Air. Due to the rapidly changing travel restrictions that can be imposed at any time to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is extremely important that passengers have access to up-to-date travel information.

Wizz Air recommends WIZZ channels

Wizz Air rcontrols WIZZ channels to get the best price and the latest information on flight details, local travel restrictions, passenger rights and reimbursement options.

When bookings are made through travel agencies, Wizz Air cannot contact customers directly. Wizz Air notes that these agencies use their own contact details to book tickets and rarely send passengers notifications received from the airline. Thus, customers do not get important information about the status of their flights or about refunds.

Wizz Air has automated its refund process to speed up travel compensation. Through this unique method on the market, if Wizz Air cancels the flights, the affected customers automatically receive 120% of the initial fare in the form of a company credit, valid for 24 months from the moment of cancellation.

Customers can opt for a cash refund, and now Wizz Air is committed to providing refunds through the initial payment method within 30 days of requesting a cash conversion. Passengers who have booked their tickets through travel agencies must contact that agency to request a refund. And there may be delays here, with some agencies blaming the airline for not reimbursing the money.

Booking through travel agencies costs more

Booking through travel agencies costs more. Wizz Air mentions that travel agencies add extra costs to Wizz Air fares.

Wizz Air once again recommends that all Wizz services be purchased from the company's official website - wizzair.com. Passengers not only get all the important travel information when making reservations on wizzair.com or the airline's mobile app, but also receive the lowest rates.

  1. selena says

    I don't think the statement from Wizz is ok considering that travel agencies have an important financial role for them…

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    In the case of low-cost companies, the role is not very big. And now in the pandemic they kind of squeaked things. But we will discuss all this in another more generalized article.

  3. Vasile says

    I struggled to get my money from wizz in May because the flight was canceled and it keeps postponing me because there are many return requests even though the deadline is 60 days

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Hundreds of thousands of other people managed to recover the money in 30-60 days and you do not succeed after 60? Isn't there something rotten in the middle?

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