Wizz Air reminds passengers about luggage policy

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On 4 October 2012, Wizz Air has launched the new luggage policy. The low-cost carrier reminds passengers to travel smartly and easily, choosing the best luggage options before arriving at the airport. The best choice of luggage for the summer holidays can result in savings for the passenger, a more pleasant experience on board and the possibility to reduce the total weight of the aircraft.


Depending on the trip, you can go with the small cabin luggage (free), with the large cabin luggage (cost from 10 EUR) and / or with the luggage hold.

Daniel de Carvalho of Wizz Air said:

"When packing for their holidays, passengers should think ahead and book their large cabin baggage or hold baggage at the lowest available fares. Families and groups can travel intelligently by registering a single hold baggage (starting at 68 RON), which is possible due to the fact that Wizz Air allows a generous baggage of 32 kg. Small cabin luggage (up to 42x32x25cm) can be transported on board free of charge, and large luggage up to 56x45x25cm is available from 45 lei, and the price can increase depending on the destination. For passengers who choose to travel with large cabin baggage, Wizz Air has lifted weight restrictions during the summer to help families avoid high taxes when transporting their belongings in a single large cabin baggage. Goods purchased at the airport, after security checks, are still allowed in the cabin, free of charge. "

Luggage policy Wizz Air can round up the company's revenues quite well. Income is increased by charging large cabin luggage, and this is because passengers will travel with luggage over the size of the free one. But it can also mean lower fuel consumption, automatically lower costs for Wizz Air, if airplanes will no longer carry large amounts of luggage.

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