Wizz Air: Tips on what to do in case of canceled or delayed flights!

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The 2022 summer season is marked by the crisis of personnel in aviation and tourism, which has led to the cancellation of thousands of flights and the delay of tens of thousands of other scheduled flights in Europe, the United States, but also on other continents. Flying has become something of a lottery, whether it will be operated and at what time.

There are many other situations that are not directly related to the airline. For example, there are airports that have limited the number of flights or the number of passengers and we mention here London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol. Several airlines have had to cancel flights to comply with airport requirements.

Given the current difficult situation in the field of tourism, including staff shortages in air traffic control and airports, Wizz Air is one of the companies affected and which, in recent months, has had several flights canceled or delayed.

In this context, Wizz Air comes with a series of tips on how to prepare your next trip and what to do in case of canceled or delayed flights, at least in the case of Wizz Air flights!


Always check your email and mobile phone for the latest travel information. Wizz Air sends you flight status updates via e-mail and SMS, and you can also check it in the flight tracker app or through Amelia, WIZZ's virtual assistant, which can be accessed from the bottom right corner of FAQ page from the Wizz Air website or from the chat window in Facebook Messenger.


If your flight is cancelled, you will have the option to choose either book again another Wizz Air flight for free, or request a 120% refund in WIZZ credits to your WIZZ account, or choose a full cash refund. Check your emails as Wizz Air sends you detailed instructions on the available options and how to manage your booking. If you are already familiar with Wizz Air, log in to your WIZZ account to choose your preferred option.

We encourage you to take advantage of the self-use options available as they are the fastest and easiest ways to manage your booking.

If your flight is canceled or delayed by more than 5 hours and you want to book again

We advise you to do so as soon as you receive notification of the cancellation. Flights during the summer are very crowded. Therefore, the sooner you make your new booking, the sooner you have the chance to find a flight that will take you to your desired destination.

If you need overnight accommodation

If you are at the airport, Wizz Air (or the company working on behalf of Wizz Air) staff on the ground will help you find accommodation and ground transport. If you did not arrive at the airport before the flight cancellation was announced, or if Wizz Air's ground handling partners are unable to help you find accommodation or ground transportation due to the large number of such requests, you may be able to handle this yourself aspect. If you book your own accommodation or ground transport, keep your receipts as Wizz Air will reimburse you within a reasonable amount. Please check your emails as Wizz Air sends you a separate notification if you need to make your own hotel accommodation or arrange your own transport.

If you booked through an online travel agency

Even if you booked through an online travel agency instead of using the website or the WIZZ app, you can provide your contact details directly during online check-in so that you receive all travel news directly from Wizz Air and stay up-to-date on flight status.

For future bookings of Wizz Air flights, it is recommended to use the website directly or the WIZZ app. Thus, you will be sure to receive the e-mails/SMS notifications sent by Wizz Air itself and you will be able to use the airline platforms for your own use.

If you have any questions about the trip, go to the section Frequent asked questions (FAQs) of the Wizz Air website or use Amelia, the WIZZ virtual assistant, by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the page.

It should be noted that, in addition to the above, passengers affected by flights canceled or delayed due to the company's fault may be eligible to obtain ADDITIONAL compensations of up to 600 EURO. Also, good to know air passenger rights.

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