WOW Air is reborn from its ashes and becomes PLAY

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In the spring of this year, I announced bankruptcy WOW Air. For those who don't know, WOW Air was an airline in Iceland. It operates flights to Europe and North America. He came out by naming his planes, using family terms.

The good news about WOW Air came today, following a press conference. The new CEO of the company, Arnar Már Magnusson, has unveiled a plan to relaunch WOW Air and rebrand in PLAY. Better said, Arnar Már Magnusson has announced the launch of the new Icelandic air operator, which will bear the name PLAY (a playful name).

PLAY airline

He still does not have AOC (Air Operator Certificate), but they are likely to receive one shortly. Astel, the new company will fly in 2020. The A320 family of aircraft remains a favorite of Icelanders. To begin with, flights between Iceland and destinations in Europe will be operated. Subsequently, after the fleet will grow to 6 aircraft, PLAY will also begin operations to North America.

The company's website says that "the sky is our playground"/"Heaven is our playground". Nor could it be said better. And to mark the launch of the airline, they are beaten 1000 free tickets. It remains to understand how they will be distributed.

The airline is going to announce the first destinations, but it will most likely start with the announcement of the official date when operations will start. We recommend that you register on to keep up to date with the PLAY news.

By the way, PLAY is looking for pilots and on-board companions. And if we take into account the chosen planes, the ones for the A320 and A321 planes are searched.

Goodbye WOW Air, Welcome PLAY!

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