British Airways BA3271 flight, London - Dusseldorf, arrived in Edinburgh

British Airways BA3271 flight, London - Dusseldorf, arrived in Edinburgh

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On 25 March 2019, British Airways BA3271 passengers on the London City - Dusseldorf route arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The flight was operated by WDL Aviation with BAe 146-200 (D-AMGL). The aircraft took off from London City Airport at 07: 45, and landed at Edinburgh, around 08: 50.

British Airways flight BA3271

Passengers realized they had landed in the wrong destination when they saw the scenery. It was not the usual one around the German city, Dusseldorf. What's more, the cabin attendants announced that they had landed in Edinburgh.


When they realized the error, the pilots refueled in Edinburgh and took off for their final destination, Dusseldorf. They took off from Scotland, at 10: 50 and landed in Germany, around 13: 00.


British Airways confirmed the incident. The diversion to the wrong destination was an accident, the flight documents being wrong. An investigation is underway to clear the mystery.

Initially I thought it was fake news, ahead of April 1. But no, this flight with erroneous data came out. At the moment there is no official explanation as to how this was possible.

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