TAROM Open Doors Day - February 2012

TAROM Open Day - February 2012

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After "opening its gates" in front of the press at the foot of 2011, TAROM opened its doors again, but for the public, during the event "Journey behind the scenes of TAROM”- 10 February 2012. He presented to the participants the less known flight stages, from the briefing session to the checks on the safety and quality of the flight, to the maintenance programs and the technical verification stages of each aircraft before the flight.

The event, which took place yesterday at Henri Coanda International Airport, Otopeni, was attended by 20 of selected persons in a competition held exclusively on the official Facebook page of TAROM, www.facebook.com/tarom.ro.

"We were delighted to welcome the winners in our backstage today, to host them for a day and to reveal less known aspects of the aviation world. Through this event, we wanted to demonstrate the quality of services, as well as the safety of our races. We thank all the participants in the competition and we hope that we will be able to organize such actions in the future too ”,

says Paula Calarasi, TAROM spokesperson.

The contest of selection of the participants took place on the official Facebook page of the company TAROM during January 23 - 6 February 2012. During this period, several hundred participants registered for the contest, but only 250 fulfilled all the conditions of participation.

The selection of the winners was made on the basis of the official regulation, as follows: each participant to ensure that it is voted as much as possible and to answer correctly at least one question posted on www.facebook.com/tarom.ro during the competition, every working day of the week.

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