83% of passengers agree to wear masks during the flight

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Most passengers say that the flight is safe and accepts the mandatory requirements to wear a face mask for a short period of time, revealed the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

According to a survey conducted by IATA, in 11 markets, with the involvement of over 4.700 passengers, in May, 85% of them consider that the aircraft are completely clean and disinfected. Moreover, another 65% of passengers consider the air in the aircraft to be as clean as in an operating room.

About 86% of passengers who have flown in recent months say they feel safe due to COVID-19 measures. Moreover, almost 90% of them consider that the measures have been well implemented, noting that the airline's staff has done a good job of strengthening the COVID-19 measurements.

Although 83% of passengers support the requirement to wear a mask while on board aircraft, most passengers believe that the obligation to wear a mask in aircraft should be removed.

However, study participants agreed that COVID-19 rules and requirements are a problem and have affected their willingness to travel.

About 70% of them said that the rules and requirements for health certificates are a challenge for passengers, and 67% considered that the organization of tests is a problem. In conclusion, 89% of participants agreed that governments should agree on standardized vaccination and testing certificates.

Almost two thirds of respondents plan to travel within a few months after the borders are opened, and almost 85% of respondents expect to travel in the first six months after lifting or relaxing restrictions. Nearly nine out of ten respondents support the idea of ​​using a mobile application to present health documents at checkpoints, and 87% support a secure digital system for managing health data.

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