Bucharest - New York from 601 EUR, in April, with Lufthansa

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Yesterday we announced the super offer Bucharest - San Diego from 447 EUR with KLM. Today we come and announce another attractive offer, this time from Lufthansa. Bucharest - New York from 601 EUR, in April. Tedoo announced the promotion, I did the simulations and found the respective price for the periods: departure on one of the days 4,5, April and return on 15,16,17 April. But also starting on one of the days 14,15,16,17,18,19 April, and the return on 22 or 23 April.


bucuresti_new_york_lufthansa (Click on image to enlarge)

I'm sure there are other times, but you have to look for them according to your preferences.

I also tried to see the operational program, and below you have for the period April 16 - April 22.


Remember that you also need a visa for the United States. Hope you enjoy these offers.

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