Craiova International Airport will be named "George Constantinescu" Airport!

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Craiova International Airport will become "George Constantinescu" Airport, after the name of the Craiova scientist known as Gogu Constantinescu. The announcement was made on the facebook page Craiova International Airport.

In this way, the airport in Craiova will receive a name with an international sound, given the size of the personality of the great scientist. It is a form of recognition of its value and the major contribution it has made in science and technology in general and in the development of aeronautics in particular.

George Constantinescu was an innovator, inventor, complex scientist, specialist in vibration theory, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and a Romanian engineer, who lived most of his life in the United Kingdom. He was born on October 4, 1881, in Craiova.

Among his achievements, we mention the following:

  • He built a system for synchronizing the firing of planes, through the space left by the blades of their propellers.
  • He materialized the first sonic cannon.
  • He designed and built the "Gogu Constantinescu Converter", an automatic gearbox for cars and locomotives, without clutch and gears, based on the inertial effect of moving masses.

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