Denmark opens borders for vaccinated travelers from the UK, the US and 11 other third countries

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Denmark has announced that, as of 4 June, fully vaccinated British and American citizens will be able to enter the country without being subjected to testing and quarantine requirements. With the exception of the United Kingdom and the United States, vaccinated travelers from 11 other third countries that are part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will also be allowed to enter Denmark.

This means that all those who arrive from one of the countries recently admitted will have to present a vaccination certificate - with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) - stating that they have passed at least 14 days after the second dose.

As arrivals from these countries will now be equated with arrivals from other third countries placed on the yellow list of Denmark, travelers will be exempted from the testing and self-isolation requirements. Specifically, they will not be required to provide a negative test for COVID-19 before or after arrival. The rules do not apply to those who want to travel from a red list country.

Denmark opens borders for vaccinated travelers from the UK, the US and 11 other third countries.

Non-EU and Schengen countries that are members of the OECD, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and Turkey, will be able to benefit from such relaxed restrictions as long as they do not register higher infection rates, which would automatically put them on the red list. The citizens of Israel they are also allowed to enter Denmark without being restricted.

If one of the countries is on the red list, vaccinated travelers from those countries will only be able to enter Denmark for essential purposes. With the exception of the third countries mentioned, in this week's update, the Danish authorities have moved several EU countries and regions from the orange to the yellow list: Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Rwanda. Regions that have been moved from the orange to the yellow list include Jadranska Hrvatska region in Croatia, Peloponnese region in Greece and Zug and Ticino regions in Switzerland.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding any unnecessary travel to countries that maintain strict entry restrictions upon arrival in Denmark, including the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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