Romanians return home for holidays (Video)

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Normally, December is known as the holiday month. This is not shown by the data recorded by December is the month of the return home of those who work or study abroad.

42% of the airline tickets with departure date in November and December have as final destination a city in Romania.

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The main cities to which the Romanians go, who return to the country during the holidays, are Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara.

The main embarkation points remain cities in Europe, such as London, Rome, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Brussels or Dublin where Romanians work or study. But there are also Romanians who return home from Dubai, New York, Amman or Beijing. 

The average price for a final destination flight from a Romanian airport is 155 euros for the return flight. On average, tickets include a stay of 10 days in Romania and the most requested travel dates include departure on 17 - 23 December and return to 3 - 7 January.

Most passengers travel unaccompanied

70% of Christmas bookings are for single travelers. 20% are for couples traveling and 10% for groups. The largest group that has booked its flight tickets on for holidays includes 9 people.

15% of holiday flights have delays. What passengers need to know

During the winter holidays the airports are overcrowded and the incidence of delays caused by weather conditions or other reasons increases. advises all passengers to arrive approximately 2,5 - 3 hours before the departure time, to check in online and constantly check the flight status.

We recommend you to watch as well the report made by Vitalie Cojocari - Pro TV.

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