A tourist was saved by Salvamont Argeș thanks to an SOS sent from a Garmin watch!

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Salvamont Argeș announced, the other day, that a tourist was saved thanks to an alarm issued by a Garmin watch!

A group of 12 young Germans camped at Podu Giurgiului lake. One of the girls in the group had "twisted" her ankle, but she thought she could continue walking the next day, but she wasn't! The alarm reached Salvamont Argeș via the Garmin USA center, initiated by satellite from a Garmin device, because the area does not have GSM coverage. Thanks to the intervention, the tourist was handed over to the UPU by the SMURD POA BV helicopter. The group continued their journey, with the 20-year-old joining them at the end of the trip!

Now let's get back to technology a bit and here's how a simple watch can save your life. With Garmin's inReach satellite technology and satellite subscription, you can stay connected wherever you are globally. You can send and receive messages even if you have no GSM or Internet coverage, navigate your route, monitor and share your journey and, if necessary, trigger an SOS to receive emergency assistance from a call center global monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a network of satellites with 100% global coverage.

Use compatible Garmin watches, marine chartplotters, wearables and other devices to trigger an SOS, send and receive messages, view detailed weather information and more.

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