Airbus delivered the 100 aircraft to Japan

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On March 15, Airbus delivered a new A320 aircraft to Japanese operator Jetstar Japan. So far nothing spectacular, but this was the 100 aircraft delivered by the European manufacturer to a Japanese carrier.

Airbus delivered the first aircraft to a Japanese operator in 1980 and was an A300B2. But a significant increase in the number of aircraft delivered has been recorded over the last two years, especially single-aisle A320 series. In 2012 it delivered 16 units, and in 2013 other 30 aircraft are scheduled to arrive at 4 Japanese operators.

Airbus has entered the Boeing-controlled market quite hard and promises to deliver A330 and even A380 aircraft. The success of the European manufacturer is also attributed to the new low-cost companies that have chosen airplanes from the A320 family.

Returning to Jetstar Japan, the operator began operations in the summer of 2012, and after nine months already has a fleet of 10 A320 aircraft and operates flights within Japan.

  1. Master RA says

    Having said that, we should see, or do, an analysis of these two types of superb planes, the 737 series from B and the 320 series from A! I also searched on the net and I didn't find much!

  2. Sorin says

    An article idea and I will prepare it as soon as possible :). The comparison seems easy to make :)

  3. Master RA says

    Sorine, the comparison is not easy to do, in my opinion! If we still do, let's do something good, not necessarily just a technical comparison. Let's talk about operating costs, the number of aircraft delivered, orders, maybe some technical problems, and many more. Anyway!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I mean, this information is, it just has to be put together. It will be some work. Announce when I publish the article :)

  4. Master RA says

    We look forward to much more!

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