A "Made in China" Airbus A320 at the 90 000 for pounds (don't fly)

A Chinese farmer dreamed of having his own plane. So he started and built a full-size Airbus with only 90 000 pounds. But it has only one defect. It won't fly :).

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In October 2017, Zhu Yue, a Chinese farmer from Liaoning Province, started building an Airbus A320. It is helped by 5 friends. Zhu Yue always dreamed of owning a plane. And because he couldn't afford to buy a real one, he decided to build an 1: 1 copy of an Airbus A320.

In order to build the aircraft, the farmer learned and studied technical drawings and different aircraft models. So far he has spent 90 000 pounds and used 40 tons of iron. But the investment will increase because the plane is not yet ready 100%. From the farmer's plans, the plane could be ready in May 2019.

Airbus A320 from 90 000 for pound sterling

Zhu Yue is aware that his plane will not fly. But that won't stop him from finding a utility. According to Mr. Zhu Yue, the built aircraft will be transformed into a restaurant or even a residential home.








About the true Airbus A320, we can say that it is one of the best-selling aircraft in the world. It has a single corridor and is dedicated to short and medium flights. But there is the variant Airbus A321LR, which targets long-haul flights up to 7400 kilometers. The Airbus A320 has the dimensions: 37,75 meters long and 35,8 meters wingspan. A true Airbus A320 sells for 74 millions of pounds.

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