André reunites for America Express 2022: Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan set off on the Golden Road

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Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan start on the Golden Road. We can say that André is reunited for America Express 2022. For those who don't know the band André, we remind you that it is a dance band made up of Andreea Bălan and Andreea Antonescu, founded in 1998 in Romania. You may have heard of "Free at Sea"; "The first love"; "Let the pope let me go."

Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan start on the Golden Road

"We grew up and went through a lot together. This unique experience, America Express, will surely unite us even more as a friend and as a bandSaid the girls. And we hope that the two artists will have a beautiful evolution in America Express 2022, without a hitch.

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We remind you that America Express will cover a distance of 7000 kilometers, and the 9 pairs will have to deal with one dollar a day through Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

Show America Express 2022 will be presented by Irina Fodor who, as before, will be with the competitors step by step, will coordinate them, will offer them missions, but also the coveted immunities. In continuation, Oasis and Marius Damian they will tell stories about the spectacular places where this whole adventure will take place.

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