Blue Air has launched the service: "Blocking the fare for 48 hours"

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Blue Air is improving its services, seeking to meet the needs of passengers. Thus, the service was launched - "Block the Tariff for 48 hours".

This new service allows you to block the fare of a selected flight for one 48 hours period. During this time the price will not change, regardless of the number of reservations made during this period. That way, you have enough time to decide on your flight and you can be sure that the price will stay unchanged.

Block the Tariff for 48 hours

Now you have the option to block the fare for 48 hours, for any Blue Air flight at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date. The service "Locking the tariff for 48 hours" costs 29.4 lei. The fee must be paid when booking the ticket (s) and is not refundable.

The fare lock option can only be used for the prices of the flight tickets. Extra services, such as luggage, seats, pets and others, cannot be included in the tariff lock. More information about blocking the tariff!

I also met this service at Wizz Air. If we take into account the dynamic nature of the fares, we can say that this service is justified. But it takes a lot of route and seasonality. Sometimes prices can go up a lot in 24 hours, but I have encountered situations when rates have dropped in 24 hours.

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