Boeing makes minor design changes to the 737 MAX

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Boeing has announced a number of changes it will make to the 737 MAX. They are meant to further optimize the performance of the new model. The decisions were also made because the new 737 MAX aircraft will be equipped with a new type of engine.

The changes concern the aerodynamic systems, the electronic systems on board, the engines, but also the structure of the aircraft's resistance:

- improvements to aerodynamic systems - the final part of the tail will be extended and the stabilizers thickened. These improvements lead to better aerodynamics and eliminate the need for tail vortex generators.

- engines - 737 MAX will enjoy the new CFM International LEAP-1B engines. These will be integrated on the wings in a similar way to those mounted on the 787 Dreamliner, for better aerodynamics. The ground clearance will be similar to that encountered in the current generation 737.

- electronic and flight systems - new fly-by-wire systems will be included, an optimized system for cabin pressurization, but also a better system for defrosting.

Other changes include: strengthening the main landing gear, but also strengthening the wings and fuselage to fit the new generation of larger engines. Boeing said that the 737 MAX is still in the testing and design phase, that changes in structure can still occur and tests are still underway in the aerodynamic tunnel to improve the performance of this new type of aircraft.

The American manufacturer also mentioned that the airline operators, who will use the new 737 MAX, will benefit from a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 12% in 2017. The cost of maintenance / scan will be reduced by up to 7% compared to the competition and here we refer strictly to single-aisle aircraft.

To date, Boeing 737 MAX has registered over 1000 orders from 16 airline operators.

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