Boris Johnson announces the elimination of anti-covid restrictions in England and the lifting of the quarantine for vaccinated people!

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These days, Boris Johnson announced the removal of anti-covid restrictions and the lifting of the quarantine for vaccinated people. This means that use of the mask, social distancing and limits imposed on indoor and outdoor spaces, among other restrictions imposed in the United Kingdom to control the spread of COVID-19, will be completely eliminated in England on July 19.

Boris Johnson also announces the reopening of indoor and outdoor clubs and restaurants, including nightclubs. However, the British government will make final decisions on July 12. At the same time, they will be announced at the end of this week the measures that will replace them quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers returning from yellow-list countries, such as Spain, Romania, etc..

Domestic tourism and international travel benefit from these announcements, which, however, have received criticism even from the public. Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has also warned that lifting all restrictions at once would be a "reckless" decision and calls for face covering to remain mandatory on public transport.

Johnson assured that anti-covid measures could be relaxed due to the country's strategy and progress in vaccination, noting that the United Kingdom has the highest percentage of vaccinated population compared to any country in Europe except Malta.

Thus, from 19 July, the following changes should apply in England:

  • Replacement of isolation or quarantine for fully vaccinated persons returning from yellow-list countries.
  • Testing and tracking will continue, but the government wants to replace isolation with daily testing.
  • All limitations for indoor and outdoor meetings will be removed.
  • All bars, restaurants and clubs can resume operations, including nightclubs.
  • People will be allowed to make their own decisions about what is safe for them, rather than behaving according to the law.
  • The rule on social distance in the subway will be removed.
  • The legal obligation to wear a mask disappears, although instructions will be issued as to when people are advised to use them.

Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have not yet announced their new measures.

We will return with the official information as soon as it is approved. Hopefully the UK authorities will not change their minds, there are precedents. Boris Johnson is known for his contradictory and sometimes even "lying" statements as categorized by a former British adviser.

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