Bulgaria has removed all COVID-19 travel restrictions for all travelers, regardless of country!

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From 1 May, travelers will be able to enter Bulgaria without having to present a vaccination, recovery or testing certificate, as before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry made the announcement earlier last week, stressing that the country has opened its doors to all travelers, regardless of vaccination status or country of origin.

"From May 1, 2022, all travel restrictions related to COVID-19 will be lifted. From this date, all arriving passengers will no longer be required to provide documents related to COVID-19 (ie COVID-19 vaccination certificates, COVID-19 recovery certificates, COVID-19 medical examinations) in order to be allowed to enter. on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria ', it is shown in the press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We remind you that in April, Bulgaria had already eliminated the COVID-19 travel rules for 10 countries: the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Hungary, Egypt and Israel. As of May 1, these rules have been removed for all travelers, regardless of country of origin.

Prior to this decision, the Bulgarian government announced that all internal restrictions on COVID-19 had been removed, including the mandatory requirement to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces, events or healthcare facilities.

"Our country is in an extraordinarily good epidemic after almost two years. The situation is currently being monitored and managed in a predictable manner. We do not need to maintain restrictions on citizens and businesses. " , authorities said last month.

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