Carpatair launches the online luggage payment application

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Despite the financial problems, but also related to ANAT release, Carpatair continues to launch new services. Starting with 28 February 2014, Carpatair passengers can add their hold baggage online, through the advance payment system, available on the company's website ( Payment can be made in advance for both sections of the passenger's journey.

This application is a very simple and useful one, whereby passengers can add their hold luggage or extra luggage to the reservation already made. The benefits of this application can benefit both the passengers who booked the ticket directly from the company website or through the Call Center Carpatair, as well as the passengers who purchased the ticket through other travel agencies.

Passengers can add their hold luggage through this application, thus avoiding queues at the airport, up to one day before the scheduled flight time. Even after making a transaction through this application, additional luggage can be added. On the day of the flight, passengers will be able to purchase their luggage or extra luggage, only from the airport, at the check-in counters. Passenger booking will be updated automatically with the new information on the number and type of baggage purchased, after the payment confirmation.

The application can be accessed from the first page of the website, being available in 4 languages: RO, EN, IT, UK. Payment is made through the credit card, through a secure system, managed by the German payment processor, Wirecard. After the payment is made, the passenger will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which must be presented at the check-in counter, on boarding. Passengers may have a different number of luggage for each section of the journey.

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