COVID-19 Daily - October 21: The UK expects 100 new cases a day; WHO warns that the pandemic will continue in 000.

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  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again warned that the pandemic is going on much longer than it should,  because poorer nations do not receive vaccines to protect their populations. They will remain at crisis levels including in 2022,  according to Bruce Aylward, a senior WHO official. We can say that Romania also enters this chapter, which makes fun of the facility to have access to vaccines, but Romanians do not get vaccinated. Others would give hard money for the vaccine…

  • Romanian police released a  criminal investigation for a false statement that a hospital is empty. A misleading video on Facebook suggested that there were no patients in a temporary hospital in the city of Piatra-Neamț. The video, which was distributed nearly 4.000 times, claimed to show the hospital with empty beds. But management and police have rejected the request and said it has been busy since it opened in 2020. 

The UK expects 100 new cases a day

  • UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid says the country is preparing for up to 100.000 cases a day on throughout the winter. The 2020 winter peak was just over 81.000 on December 29th. While calling on people to get vaccinated, he did not say it was time to introduce more restrictions. "We do not believe that the pressures currently facing the National Health Service are unsustainable," he said.
  • India has administered one billion doses of vaccine. About three-quarters of the country's adults, with a population of 1,3 billion, have a single dose. 30% are completely vaccinated, according to government figures.
  • Lower House of the French Parliament a  approved an extension of the health permit measures until at least 31 July 2022, in while governments across Europe are trying to reduce the virus in the winter. The permit shows that the holder has been completely vaccinated or is negative for COVID-19, allowing them so  to enter places like bars, restaurants and sports venues.
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