DAN Air will open a base in Bacău and announces flights to 13 destinations!

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After about four months of flying from Brașov, DAN Air announced that it is moving to Bacău. The decision came against the background of the problems at the Brașov International Airport, which he has been complaining about all this time. The main dissatisfaction of the DAN Air company was related to the limited operating schedule of the Brașov airport, of only 12 hours.

The Brașov authorities, together with ROMATSA and alongside other institutions directly involved, sought solutions for expanding the program, finally announcing that this schedule will increase to 16 hours starting January 15, 2024.

Even so, DAN Air was dissatisfied and in its characteristic style immediately announced the move to Bacău. Now don't think that the decision to go to Bacău is purely accidental, and this is evident from the press release issued by the Bacău authorities.

"The package of measures established together with the Bacău County Council through the "BACAU RE-CONNECT" project and the professionalism of the AIGEB management team represented the basic arguments that influenced Dan Air's decision to expand its operations at the "George Enescu" Bacău International Airport."

This package of measures was so tempting that DAN Air has already announced that it will start flying from Bacău on November 13, and then on December 11 it will move all operations, giving up Brașov for good.

According to the information in the reservation system, DAN Air will fly from Bacau to: Brussels, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Dublin, Turin, Rome, Catania, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Liverpool and London.

Bacău officials estimate an additional flow of around 15.000 passengers in November-December 2023, following the opening of the Dan Air operational base at "George Enescu" Bacau International Airport.

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