Domestic routes from Romania in the summer season 2018

The aeronautical market is developing very fast on a global, but also regional level. If Americans are used to airplanes from 60 years ago, here we are also starting to fly more and more in the country and abroad. Bogdan, an AirlinesTravel friend, did a brief analysis of domestic flights in Romania for the 2018 summer season.

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In Romania there are 16 airports accredited for commercial flights, but some are in renovations or lacking regular routes. In 2017, 20 284 022 passengers passed through these airports, up 23% from 2016.

With so many airports, it is a pity not to take advantage of them and travel faster between the big cities in the country. We don't have land infrastructure, we lack expressways and roads, we don't even have fast trains. But we have multiple airports and opportunities to connect connections between them. The 2018 summer season comes with many domestic routes, as we have rarely been able to see in recent years.

According to the Romanian Institute of Statistics, in the first 3 months of 2018, 48.9% of domestic passengers flew from Bucharest - Otopeni, 18.4% of passengers flew from Cluj-Napoca, 15.6% of passengers flew from Timisoara, Iasi only 11.7%, and from Oradea and Satu Mare only 3.2% and 1.2% respectively. With the new routes, this statistic will change.

Bogdan managed to summarize the flight network in Romania. TAROM, Blue Air, Wizz Air, Ryanair and Cobrex Trans are the airlines with existing domestic flights or that announced the future domestic routes. Some routes are already operational, others to be inaugurated in the near future. We remind you that they will be inaugurated over 30 of new routes (domestic and international) between June and July 2018.


This summer, Bucharest will be linked by direct flights to Timișoara (TAROM and RYANAIR), Sibiu (TAROM), Cluj-Napoca (TAROM, Wizz Air, Blue Air), Iasi (TAROM, Blue Air), Suceava (TAROM, Cobrex Trans), Satu Mare (TAROM), Bacău (Blue Air) and Oradea (TAROM, Blue Air). Timisoara will be linked to Iasi (TAROM), Cluj (TAROM), Bucharest (TAROM, RYANAIR) and Constanța (Blue Air). Cluj-Napoca will have direct flights to Iasi (TAROM), Bucharest (TAROM, Wizz Air, Blue Air) and Constanța (Blue Air). Those from Oradea (with Blue Air) and Satu Mare (with TAROM) will be able to fly directly to Constanța.

We can say that in 2018, in the Centenary year, Romania is united very well by air. We remind you that in 2017, AirlinesTravel was part of the project # UnimRomania with Blue Air. We have experienced several domestic routes, and the flight time does not exceed 1.5 hours. A significant advantage when the duration of a train journey can be a torment, and the car is good hours on national roads.

We encourage you to fly as much as possible with the plane, especially since the fares for air tickets have dropped significantly compared to previous years. Air competition comes to the advantage of the passengers.

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