The double quarantine test applies to all travelers arriving in the UK, including Romanians.

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From 15 February, all those traveling to England will be required to undergo 2 quarantined COVID-19 tests. The first is done on day 2 and the second on day 8 of the 10-day quarantine. All travelers arriving in the UK from countries that are NOT on the red list, must buy the double test package. Anyone intending to travel to the UK on February 15 must book these tests on the dedicated portal.

Test before the trip to the UK, home quarantine and double quarantine testing

Any passenger traveling to England from countries that are NOT on the red list will have to be quarantined at their home address for the same 10-day period and follow the same test regime. In both cases, the tests must be performed by a government-approved medical clinic.

Also, all passengers, regardless of the country from which they traveled, must present at the border proof of a negative COVID-19 test performed no later than 3 days before departure and must self-isolate upon arrival. A form must also be completed in which passengers will have to write down the address at which they can be located during the quarantine period.

Those who do not follow the rules will be fined between 5.000 and 10.000 pounds. Those who do not take the first test will be fined £ 1.000, and the fine for those who do not take either test will be fined £ 3.000 and the mandatory quarantine for 14 days.

During the journey, passengers may be checked several times by authorized persons, as follows:

  • by carriers at departure
  • by airport staff throughout the trip
  • by Border Force officers on arrival in the United Kingdom
  • by the police, where appropriate, for those in quarantine at home

The government has worked closely with the aviation industry and UK airports (including London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Birmingham) to designate places dedicated to the arrival area.

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