Embraer ERJ-190 Myanmar Airlines, landing without front leg (UB103)

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On 12 May 2019, the Embraer ERJ-190 Myanmar Airlines landed without the front landing gear. The aircraft operated the UB103 flight on the route
Yangon - Mandalay.

After a smooth flight from Yangon, near the Mandalay (final destination) pilots reported that the front leg was flush and would have to land without it.

Embraer ERJ-190 Myanmar Airlines aircraft

They activated the emergency plan, flew close to the control tower to confirm if the front wheel is retracted or extended. Then they had to operate tens of minutes near the airport to consume the remaining fuel. And the last step was to bring the aircraft to the ground, which happened successfully.

aircraft, Embraer-flight-UB103

On board were 82 passengers and 7 crew members. They were all evacuated on slides. Fortunately, no injuries or deaths were reported.


Our congratulations go to Commander Myat Moe Aung, FO Myo Thiha Aung, FO Kaung Set Lwin and 4 on-board companions.

And I noticed one more aspect. Take a look at the 2 images below. One is the evacuation of passengers from flight UB103, and the other is the evacuation of passengers from SU1492 flight (44 people lost their lives).

The conclusion you draw!

Airline information Embraer ERJ-190 Myanmar Airlines (XY-AGQ): 10.5 years, 2 engines General Electric CF34

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