Emirates is recruiting flight attendants in Romania

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Emirates Airlines conducts recruitments for on-board companions and in Romania. Interviews will be held at Bucureşti, Ref No: CC / MH / 22109, in the days of 27-Oct-2012 and 28-Oct-2012, from 09: 00AM and at Cluj Napoca, Ref No: CC / MH / 22122 pe 02-Nov-2012 from 09 time: 00AM. To apply, you must register on official Emirates website.

The interview will consist of four stages: initial assessment, English test, psychometric evaluation and final interview. The Emirates flight attendant must be at least 21 years old, 212 cm standing on tiptoes and hands outstretched, minimum 12 diploma classes, English speaker, no visible tattoos and physical fitness.

In addition to the physical aspects and skills, the Emirates flight attendant must be optimistic, with a positive mindset, be able to adapt to different conditions, motivated and support an alert work schedule.


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