FedEx Express has withdrawn the latest Boeing 727 aircraft from the fleet (video)

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On 21 June 2013, FedEx Express (Memphis) replaced and withdrew the last one Boeing 727 (N481FE) from the fleet. One of the largest cargo airlines in the world operated this type of aircraft for 35 years, between 1978 and 2013.

Boeing 727 (N481FE)

Thus, a new era is coming to an end, with FedEx Express being the last air carrier to still have an 727 in the fleet. aircraft Boeing 727 they have begun to be replaced, starting with 2007, with more modern aircraft belonging to the Boeing 757 family.

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The last Boeing 727 was part of a retreat ceremony attended by approximately 1000 guests. The event was held at FedEx Express World Hub, Memphis International Airport.

One era is over, but another is about to begin. FedEx Express continues the fleet modernization process, replacing veteran aircraft with modern units in the 757, 767 and even 777 families. In the next 5 years, FedEx Express will retire McDonnell Douglas MD-10-10 and McDonnell Douglas MD-10-30 aircraft, replacing Boeing 767-300F aircraft.

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